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Black Pop remastered (2010)

While continuing to record what will be the fourth album of the project F.R.A.N. I finished mastering what was the second album titled Black Pop, that you can listen from the link below you will find http://www.franmusic.net/discografia/black-pop-remastered2016/

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Retales de vida remastered (2008)

While recording what will be the fourth album after 4 years of silence, you can listen to the first album of F.R.A.N. Fully remastered, with a brand new cover and more powerful sound. Enjoy it http://www.franmusic.net/discografia/retales-de-vida-remastered-2016/

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Rock remastered (2012)

Now you can listen to the latest album to the date of the Francisco Paredes project titled F.R.A.N. of 2012.To access the content click on the link below http://www.franmusic.net/discografia/rock-remastered-2012/

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Return to black (full album)

Return to black front

Now you can listen to the full album Return to black by clicking on the link below, in this album I have mixed different genres (pop, rock, ballad …) impregnating the album with a sound rich in nuances. I hope…

Monster (Return to black)

Return to black front

I present the third single from my new album under the pseudonym F.R.A.N. entitled Monster, in which I wanted to capture the sadness and anger I feel when we see ourselves as a human being, yes, we are capable of…


Return to black front

I want to dedicate this second song that I present to all the mothers and their relationship with their children. This ballad is dedicated to all of them, and especially to my sisters Ines and Eva, and their children, Angel…