In 2007 and after a break of several years, back to regain the passion for music and I embark on a different project to what we had done to date … and that is why I embarked on the most personal project to date, which learn a lot over the years. Since I’m in this world, and tackling recordings, I stumbled upon the fact that they themselves, the poor results that has generated them, and lean mixtures that have been in all of them, which is why I see myself in the desire (and almost necessary because I have not found anyone better than me remove the sound I desire) to perform production tasks.

(2008) Retales de vida

To do this I record what will be my first album under his namesake F.R.A.N. in which he recorded all the instruments and I exercise a producer of the play. In this album I’ll call Patchwork of Life and is a collection of songs spanning different styles (pop, rock, funky …) and completely away from what had been offered to date. It was a side that wanted to expose, and although the production is basic, it is much more about what round in my head …

(2010) Black Pop

After a while I have the opportunity to get myself a bass and Angels Storm give me the opportunity to play with them and let go in the handling of the instrument, this gives me wings so that in 2009 I embarked on what will be my second album under F.R.A.N. entitled Black Pop, a somewhat darker and denser than the previous record, which predominates over the rest of the bass instruments. To say that the production of the album is much more complete, compact and clear. Comment on this second album that I do some ‘dabbled’ with guitar.

(2012) Rock

And we get to 2011, a period of transition, in which I brought up the fact change log, I embark on what is the third album which will be a change of air, I again interpret hardrockeros issues, the result of this change is the third album titled Rock and some songs can last 14 minutes.

(2017) Return to black

In 2017 i released what was my fourth album, titled Return to black, more worked than the rest of the albums. It is a much more mature and worked album than the previous ones, with well-worked melodies. I recorded the album between february and october 2017.

(2020) The green forest (Mother)

On March 14th it will be put on all digital platforms what will be my fifth album, whose title will be The Green Forest (Mother). This album will be completely dedicated to my mother, the person who has most influenced my way of being and who I am today, and whom I will never forget in my life. To her I dedicate with all the love of a son this album ...

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